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Make parking more efficient

Improve the efficiency of your parking operations, optimize parking usage and relieve the traffic in your city with new amazing parking concept!

  • Accurate real-time occupancy information
  • Payment discipline supervision – overtimes
  • Advanced data – financial, statistical, usage reports
  • Detection of poor parking, parking violations
  • Electric parking spaces supervision

Technology for Smart cities

Parking Detection is based on anonymous detection of occupancy of parking spaces by IP cameras and artificial intelligence processing image data.

Discover essentials of Parking Detection technology

Get the most valuable information and try our intuitive management system. Better decision for your city of car park!

Features of Parking Detection sytem

Create your own parking rules!

Parking Detection provides real-time data of outdoor parking occupancy, using cameras and artificial intelligence, providing high accuracy over 99.5 %! Occupancy information enables cities and parking managers to increase revenues and optimize parking management and payment enforcement.

Data integrated to higher level

Cloud system opening possibilities

Smart parking concept can responsible growth by increasing revenue, improving parking management efficiency and contributing to a more sustainable future. Parking in cities and urban areas is one of the most problematic issue in recent time, therefore the cities face challenges to optimize the resources and choose the best solution…  Parking Detection is the right choice!

Smart decisions

Changes powered by analytics, higher enforcement productivity and empowerment through the use of technology.

Smart cities

Smart parking, big data… Increase efficiency of parking management in your city!

Secured data

Three-level of data encryption; via VPN, application encryption and image decomposition, that ensures high safety and reliability.

Open data

Providing data to third parties through REST API. Open platforms can integrate data into one seamless system – information and analytics from multiple parking lots, all in one place.

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